Activity 4.2 (Stages): “Exploring” with the Initiative Inventory

Before starting “something new,” it’s important to review what already exists and how your district is using existing resources. This activity can help delineate how much is already being asked of staff and determine if the “new” will fit with the “existing.”

Activity 4.1 (Stages): Reflecting on Rationales

Think about a time you were trying to use a new education skill or program. As an individual or with your team, reflect on these questions.

Implementation Stages: Action Plan

An action plan is simply a way of guiding the implementation team’s discussion and identification of the next right steps in implementing your program, then holding yourselves accountable for accomplishing those activities within a specified timeline.

Stages of Implementation Analysis: Where Are We?

All implementation stage-based assessments are now merged into one tool. This planning tool provides an implementation team the opportunity to assess, plan and track stage-based activities and improve the success of implementation efforts EBPs/EIIs across stages.

Activity 1.2 (Frameworks): Getting started with Implementation Stages

How do you start engaging in stage-based implementation activities? Review the Module 1 material on Implementation Stages then consider these questions. We encourage you to discuss these with your team and/or to write down your responses.
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