Active Implementation Learner Pathways

Author(s): SISEP

Publication Date: May 2024 

Frameworks:  Drivers, Improvement Cycles, Stages, Teams, Usable Innovations

Resource Type:  Start Here

Learning pathways in implementation science serve as structured routes for individuals to effectively acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to translate evidence-based interventions into real-world settings. These pathways provide a clear roadmap for professionals and facilitate the systematic development of expertise in navigating the complex process of implementing innovations in healthcare, education, and other fields. By offering a curated progression of learning experiences encompassing theoretical foundations, practical tools, and experiential learning opportunities, these pathways empower learners to address the multifaceted challenges inherent in implementing and scaling interventions. Ultimately, learning pathways in implementation science aim to equip individuals with the expertise and resources needed to bridge the gap between research and practice, thereby improving outcomes and enhancing the quality of services delivered to individuals and communities.

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