Implementation Practice

Active Implementation Frameworks

In 2005, the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) released a monograph synthesizing implementation research findings across a range of fields. The NIRN also conducted a series of meetings with experts to focus on implementation best practices. Based on these findings and subsequent research and field learning, NIRN developed five overarching frameworks referred to as the Active Implementation Frameworks.

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The components of the Active Implementation Formula are defined by the five (5) Active Implementation Frameworks (AIF). The AIFs are the key ingredients necessary to achieve socially significant student outcomes.

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Effective Practice

Usable Innovations


Effective Implementation




Enabling Context


Improvement Cycles


Socially Significant Outcomes

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The resources and tools provided to support your practice of implementation science are organized by the Active Implementation Formula. Research across multiple fields has identified three components that when put in place lead to the effective and sustained use of innovations, resulting in improved outcomes for students. Notice that the formula is multiplicative, meaning that all 3 components need to be present to reach socially significant outcomes.

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