Tool: Implementation Stages Planning

Author(s): NIRN

Publication Date: September 2020 

Frameworks:  Stages

Resource Type:  Apply, Start Here

The Implementation Stages Planning tool supports the identification of the current stage of implementation, as well as supports planning and improvement by providing:
1) a flow chart to determine stage of implementation;
2) a list of appropriate stage-based activities; and
3) an outline of expected stage-based outcomes.

For an interactive lesson on how to use the tool see: Interactive Lesson: Implementation Stages.

Originally published in March 2013 and called Stages of Implementation Analysis: Where are we?, the newest version of this tool was released in September 2020 and is now called the Implementation Stages Planning Tool.

Adaptation by the New York State Community Schools Technical Assistance Centers Eastern Region:

Community School Strategy Implementation Roadmap

This tool is designed to assist with the implementation of the Community School Strategy using Implementation Science and the Four Pillars framework for Community Schools (CS). The Implementation Stages Planning Tool developed by the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) is used as a road map for implementation activities. The Four Pillars is used as the framework for the components of a Community School strategy.


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