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The Practice Guide to Supporting Implementation identifies the competencies that implementation support practitioners need to support the effective implementation and scaling of evidence-informed practices, programs and policies, to improve outcomes for people and communities.
Excitement is brewing for radical change in education. In a time when many are bemoaning the difficulties we are facing, others are developing creative new ways to reimagine education and design transformational systemic changes to support teachers and ultimately realize our best outcomes for ALL children. Read more about how implementation can be part of the reimagining.
After completing this lesson, you will be able to identify the four types of organizational capacity and examine your organization's capacity level. Additionally, using this information will support your efforts in changing processes and structures to address capacity, support team members in identifying and addressing barriers, and promote collaborations and partnerships.
After completing this lesson, Building Teams, you will be able to explain the importance of team cohesion and trust, identify team functions, and utilize the Stakeholder Engagement Guidance Tool to create a diverse team.
After completing this lesson on Cultivating Leaders/Champions and the companion resources, you will be able to explain importance of leadership to implementation efforts, identify key implementation champion activities, and utilize the Champion Engagement Tool.
SISEP Blog: Defining Sustainability
Equitable Implementation Guide published by the Collaborative for Implementation Practice
SISEP Blog: Equity in Team Participation and Structure
SISEP Blog: Fidelity & Capacity, Two Great Measures that Go Great Together
The Give-Get Partnership Agreement is a tool that can support the ongoing development and maintenance of collaborative partnerships for our capacity-building efforts. Utilize the template below to assist you in developing a Give-Get with the organization you are supporting.
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