Tool: Implementation Support Practitioner Core Competencies Self-Assessment & Goal Setting Kit

Author(s): NIRN

Publication Date: February 2023 

Core Competencies:  Co-Creation and Engagement, Ongoing Improvement, Sustaining Change

Resource Type:  Apply, Reflect

The Implementation Support Practitioner Core Competencies Self-Assessment and Goal Setting Kit contains two documents to assist Implementation Specialists in identifying their strengths and growth opportunities. One document is a self-assessment that allows individuals to reflect on their skills with each core competency. Once complete, the planning templates provide space to define personal goals and action planning to improve.


  1. Ensure that you have fully read and processed your learning on the Implementation Support Practitioner Core Competencies.
  2. Complete the self-assessment individually or in collaboration with an accountability partner, supervisor, or coach.
  3. Define your next steps, by completing the ISP planning template.  This document should be updated regularly.


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