Brokering – Engaging the Right Partners


Publication Date: June 2023 

Core Competencies:  Co-Creation and Engagement

Resource Type:  Apply, Reflect

As Implementation Specialists, we often need to assist educational agencies in selecting individuals to be part of the team. Additionally, we must examine where strategic partnerships may exist to support the implementation efforts. As part of the up-and-coming Brokering lesson, we share the following resources to ensure all the right voices, partners, and agencies are at the table supporting the work.

Asset mapping is a process of identifying and mapping the resources, strengths, and capacities of a community. This approach can help implementation support providers understand the resources and assets that exist within a community and identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

The process of Relationship Mapping assists with identifying who is missing, strengths, and gaps.

Create a plan to include internal and external perspectives in various levels of the work.


Participatory Asset Mapping

Relationship Mapping

Guidance for Engaging Critical Perspectives

AI Hub