Building Bridges: Brokering in Education

Author(s): Angela M. Jack, April Kiser-Edwards, Sophia Farmer

Publication Date: June 2023 

Core Competencies:  Co-Creation and Engagement

Resource Type:  Read

Imagine the first time you heard the word “brokering” used in an educational space. Is the term “broker” anything you’ve ever thought about? Who does the brokering? What exactly is being brokered? Where does the concept of brokering fit within K–12 education?

You are here, so you know that supporting the implementation of practices and programs is very important. But did you know that brokering is a key skill in providing implementation support? In this post, we’ll explain what “brokering” is and its role during implementation change efforts, and highlight how a leader in one state education agency uses brokering to foster trust, cross-divisional collaboration, and knowledge sharing to support the statewide implementation of improvement initiatives. Keep reading to find out more.

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