So, we did the Hexagon Tool. Now What?

Author(s): Sophia Farmer

Publication Date: March 2022 

Frameworks:  Usable Innovations

Resource Type:  Read

You’ve heard the saying.

“An hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing.” (Dale Carnegie)

We know the value of intentional action planning and bold decision-making. However, in a time when more demands than ever are placed on schools and districts, it is easy (and often expected) to get practices and programs in place quickly and efficiently. This often takes precedence over soliciting critical perspectives and developing provocative plans that are more likely to produce the outcomes we seek. The data collected during the process of using the Hexagon Tool can take us further than the initial decision to implement, de-implement, or refine a practice (Metz & Louison, 2018). Those data can be the starting place for audacious planning and systemic changes.

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