Hexagon Tool Process – Lessons Learned

Author(s): Amy Wassmann and Rebekah Hornak

Publication Date: February 2022 

Frameworks:  Usable Innovations

Resource Type:  Read

The Hexagon Tool was the number one resource accessed in 2021 on the Active Implementation Hub. What is so fascinating about this tool? Why is this resource the most utilized out of all of the resources on the AI Hub?

For those who are not aware, the Hexagon Tool is a tool for selecting Evidence-Based Practices during the Exploration Stage. The tool provides Implementation Teams with an opportunity to examine a potential evidence-based practice through the lens of six indicators (need, evidence, fit, usability, capacity, and supports). However, many organizations fail to realize that the Hexagon Tool is so much more. It should be handled as a process that includes communication, stakeholder involvement, data collection, review, and time to have rich and full discussions around the evidence-based practice. We often see organizations begin the tool and then abruptly end due to a lack of information.

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