Implementation Science for Educators Podcast (Leadership)

Author(s): SISEP Team

Publication Date: 2021 

Frameworks:  Drivers

Resource Type:  Listen

Implementation Science for Educators Podcast

Have you ever wondered why a new program or practice never seemed to achieve the outcomes your team had hoped for? What was missing? Resources? Training? Support? Join the team from SISEP (State Implementation and Scale-Up of Evidenced-based Practices) each week for a quick Implementation Science tip to get you back on track!

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Implementation Science for Educators Podcast:  Leadership

Defining Roles within District Implementation

We are excited to bring you a snippet of our interview with Dr. Kim St. Martin, Assistant Director of the Michigan MTSS TA Center.  While our interview focused on the integrated and compensatory nature of the Implementation Drivers, Dr. Martin explains how Leadership plays an important role.

The Role of Leadership in Implementation

Jennifer Gonzales, State Transformation Specialist with the Colorado Department of Education, joins us once again!  This time we are discussing the role leadership plays in implementation and some advice for new leaders.

Cultivating Leadership and Champions

Are you interested in sustainable change?  One way is through the cultivation of leaders and champions through implementation.  Join Collin McColskey-Leary for this week’s tip on defining and supporting leadership.

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