Implementation Science for Educators Podcast (Implementation Teams)

Author(s): SISEP Team

Publication Date: 2021 

Frameworks:  Teams

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Implementation Science for Educators Podcast

Have you ever wondered why a new program or practice never seemed to achieve the outcomes your team had hoped for? What was missing? Resources? Training? Support? Join the team from SISEP (State Implementation and Scale-Up of Evidenced-based Practices) each week for a quick Implementation Science tip to get you back on track!

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Implementation Science for Educators Podcast:  Implementation Teams

Field Experience with Linked Teams

This week we are sharing an interview with Elizabeth Newell, State Transformation Assistant Administrator with the Michigan Department of Education.  Liz provides detailed examples of how linked teams have benefited the implementation work of the department.  She also shares external and internal challenges and successes of teaming structures.

Communication and Stakeholders within Implementation Teams

This is our second installment in the conversation with Dr. Kim St. Martin, Assistant Director of the MITSS TA Center, and Dr. Caryn S. Ward, Director of NIRN.  The discussion continues with implementation teams and how they can ensure stakeholder and teacher voice and effective communication between linked teams.

Defining the Functions of an Implementation Team

This week, Dr. Caryn Ward, Director of NIRN, and Dr. Kim St. Martin from the MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center join our podcast to discuss implementation teams.  They break down the functions of an implementation team, explain the difference between a leadership team and an implementation team, and how to manage ALL of your teams!

Stakeholder Engagement

Implementation Specialist, Sophia Farmer, is back at it again this week with your five-minute implementation science tip.  Join Sophia for her thoughts on how to engage stakeholders in the implementation process.

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