Implementation Science for Educators Podcast (Hexagon Tool)

Author(s): SISEP Team

Publication Date: 2021 

Frameworks:  Usable Innovations

Resource Type:  Listen

Implementation Science for Educators Podcast

Have you ever wondered why a new program or practice never seemed to achieve the outcomes your team had hoped for? What was missing? Resources? Training? Support? Join the team from SISEP (State Implementation and Scale-Up of Evidenced-based Practices) each week for a quick Implementation Science tip to get you back on track!

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Implementation Science for Educators Podcast:  Hexagon Tool

Revisiting the Hexagon Tool & ESSER Funds

Sophia Farmer, an Implementation Specialist with NIRN & SISEP, returns as our host this week.  Joining her is Jack Schwarz, project lead at the Region 7 Comprehensive Center.  Together, the two of them dive into a conversation on how states and districts have been utilizing their ESSER funds over the last three years and how the Hexagon Tool and other implementation science strategies and resources can assist in evaluating what the funds were spent on.

The Hexagon Tool from a Regional Perspective

Kathleen Ryan Jackson joins us again as guest host to interview Mark Helton, Math Consultant, and Laura Smith, Educational Consultant, with the Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative.  Their conversation goes into detail about how the regional agency supported the local school districts by utilizing the Hexagon Tool, what they learned from the process, and how they could improve services.

Hexagon Tool & Practicing the Pause

Join us for this week’s conversation with Amy Wassmann, Social-Emotional Learning Consultant with the Michigan Department of Education, and Dr. Rebecca Hasson, Associate Professor of Movement Science at the University of Michigan. Our two guests share how they have used implementation science to address the equity gaps in implementing the InPact at School program and how the Hexagon Tool was used as part of the selection process with local schools. This pair is passionate, and the conversation is inspirational! #practicethepause

Hexagon Tool & Recovery Funds with Sophia Farmer

Join Sophia Farmer, Implementation Specialist for SISEP Center, for a quick tip on using the Hexagon Tool to ensure your new practice or program being purchased with recovery funds is a good fit for your district.

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