What is Fidelity?

Author(s): Correy Watkins & Rebekah Hornak

Publication Date: July 2022 

Frameworks:  Drivers, Usable Innovations

Resource Type:  Read

The concept of measuring fidelity is a growing a topic of interest among educational agencies. Staff and leaders want to ensure implementation of the selected program or practice is as intended. But fidelity is also a very complex concept that does not stop with a checklist or survey. Utilizing fidelity measurements and data at all levels of the teaming cascade is needed to support staff with implementation. The “What is Fidelity” brief provides a deep dive into this concept and real-world examples from the Florida Department of Education, Kentucky Department of Education, and the Minnesota Department of Education.

Looking for more information on this topic? Watch the SISEP What is Fidelity? Webinar that was held live on August 17th, 2022 to hear from the brief’s authors and their guests from the Minnesota Department of Education and the Kentucky Department of Education.  Also check out the Fidelity Question & Answer document that was created as a follow-up.


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