Navigating the Implementation Cs: Back to School Reminders and Tips

Author(s): Angela M. Jack

Publication Date: September 2023 

Core Competencies:  Ongoing Improvement, Sustaining Change

Frameworks:  Drivers, Teams

Resource Type:  Read

As the back-to-school tide rolls in, it’s time to hoist the sails of excitement and set the course for a remarkable implementation journey. Like skilled captains, implementation support practitioners are at the helm, steering the ship through the uncharted waters of a new school year. Whether you’re an executive sponsor, an implementation team member, a teacher, a coach, member of an educational community or an external support partner, this transitional period marks the beginning of when strategically aligned efforts to ensure the effective implementation of evidence-based programs and practices become a functional reality. Read on as we navigate the Implementation Cs and provide you with a treasure trove of timely reminders and tips to ensure smooth sailing throughout the year.

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