Let’s “Dig” into Why Implementation Support Practitioners are Needed in Education

Author(s): Sophia Farmer, Rebekah Hornak

Publication Date: May 2023 

Core Competencies:  Co-Creation and Engagement, Ongoing Improvement, Sustaining Change

Resource Type:  Read

Spring is here! April showers will soon bring May flowers. As I dig into the dirt, planting this year’s garden, I am reminded of a saying I have heard used among teachers: “Find your marigold, and later be the marigold.” If you are a gardener, you know what this metaphor means. Companion planting is planting certain plants or flowers next to each other so that they nurture each other and support each other’s growth and strength. The marigold is one of the best companion plants, attracting helper insects like bees and ladybugs while deterring pesky insects and weeds that steal nutrients from the soil. Plants, especially vegetables, tend to thrive next to marigolds. This is an implementation support practitioner. They foster growth and encouragement and support others who want to change and grow. They offer their skills to strengthen the systems and the people around them.

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