Implementation Champions as a Strategy to Build Capacity

Author(s): Collin McColskey-Leary

Publication Date: September 2021 

Core Competencies:  Sustaining Change

Frameworks:  Drivers

Resource Type:  Read

The reality is around 70 percent of organizational change efforts do not achieve their intended outcomes. Failing to achieve outcomes can often be chalked up to one of two reasons. Implementation failure involves a lack of buy-in, adequate implementation supports, or ability to implement the program as intended. On the other hand, Intervention failure refers to the fact the program might not fit the environment in which it is being implemented (wrong program for need or misfit with culture, values). It does not help that in education, an estimated 15 percent of superintendents and 18 percent of principals leave their role at a district or school each year. As many have experienced, programs, practices, and initiatives intended to improve student learning and achievement often come and go with leadership, no matter their effectiveness or efficacy.

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