Hexagon Tool Case Studies

Author(s): CalCurriculum

Publication Date: November 2023 

Frameworks:  Usable Innovations

Resource Type:  Read

Selecting instructional materials is one of the most important decisions a district will make, and charting a strong implementation plan is crucial to maximizing those high-quality instructional materials.  To support districts in this work, CalCurriculum adapted the Hexagon Discussion and Analysis Tool, which was developed by the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN). The goal of this tool is to help systems evaluate the contextual fit and feasibility of implementing programs in a given context and is designed around six key indicators related to implementation.

Through a series of case studies, UnboundEd, on behalf of CalCurriculum, set out to study and share findings on enabling conditions for successful math instructional materials implementation, and the degree to which select programs have been feasible to implement across a variety of district and charter profiles. These case studies describe the implementation experiences of four districts and charter networks across the state and demonstrate that the feasibility of implementing instructional materials is highly contextual.

Hexagon Tool – CalCurriculum Example

Lessons from Implementing Middle School Math Instructional Materials: California Case Studies



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