Tool: Champion Identification & Reflection

Author(s): NIRN

Publication Date: September 2021 

Core Competencies:  Sustaining Change

Frameworks:  Drivers, Teams

Resource Type:  Apply

As part of the implementation process, there are varying levels of leadership.  One key role is that of the Champion(s).  These individuals are internal to the organization and work with the practitioners to implement evidence-based practices.  But as leaders, they also focus on creating a collaborative learning environment, co-plan, and co-facilitate meetings, and are internally driven to ensure successful implementation.

But how do we identify potential champions on a team?  And once identified, how do we engage them in activities and reflective practices?  Utilize the following Engagement Tool to complete the four-step process of identification and reflection for champions.

To learn more about the importance of Champions, the difference between Executive Sponsors and Champions, and to see an example of the Champion Engagement Tool in use, complete the Cultivating Leadership Interactive Lesson.


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