Co-creation of Kentuckys Usable Innovation: A How-To-Guide

Author(s): Kathleen Ryan Jackson & Caryn Ward, UNC Chapel Hill and Amanda Waldroup, Veronica Sullivan, Andrea Craig, Kentucky Department of Education

Publication Date: December 2020 

Frameworks:  Usable Innovations

Resource Type:  Read

This publication serves as a technical paper or How-To-Guide through a detailed description of the intentional step-by-step process Kentucky’s executive leaders, educators, and stakeholders used to co-create a Mathematics Usable Innovation. The How-To-Guide includes italicized links to resources: Kentucky Examples, activities and research on the Active Implementation Hub. Resources are also linked below in the order they are presented in the How-To-Guide. We hope these resources support your organizations co-creation of a Usable Innovation. To improve student outcomes on a useful scale, WHAT is trying to be done needs to be teachable, learnable, doable, and easily assessed in a typical education setting (Fixsen, Blase, Metz, & VanDyke, 2013). Kentucky’s Usable Math Innovation defines WHAT educators agree they will see in any math classroom, no matter what innovation a district may choose and no matter what unique style the teacher employs. Usable Innovations provide the content to develop the HOW or training, coaching and data use systems all in support of teacher practice that improves student outcomes.

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Kathleen Ryan Jackson
Citation:  Ryan Jackson, K, Ward, C., Waldroup, A, Sullivan, V., & Craig, A. (2020). Co-creation of Kentucky’s Usable Innovation Process: A How-To-Guide. Chapel Hill, NC: National Implementation Research Network, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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