Brief: The Case for Implementation Support Practitioners in Education

Author(s): Melissa Kahn (Wisconsin DPI), Scott Brown (Wisconsin DPI), Kelcey Schmitz (SMART Center), Sophia Farmer (SISEP), Caryn Ward (SISEP)

Publication Date: May 2024 

Core Competencies:  Co-Creation and Engagement, Ongoing Improvement, Sustaining Change

Resource Type:  Read

Excitement is brewing for radical change in education. In a time when many are bemoaning the difficulties we are facing, others are developing creative new ways to reimagine education and design transformational systemic changes to support teachers and ultimately realize our best outcomes for ALL children. Amid the COVID pandemic, Hugh Vasquez of the National Equity Project challenged a return to “business as usual” in educating our children (Vasquez, 2020). He asserts that the system as it was before COVID was clearly not working for many children – particularly those most marginalized – and the pandemic laid bare the system’s flaws. His invitation is to use the opportunity to create a new education system based on what we know works.


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