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The educational resources provided below are intended to support Implementation Teams move through the Implementation Stages and apply the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) active frameworks. A set of specific lessons, activities, tools and examples are provided to help support evidence-based practice implementation. More information and deeper learning on all NIRN active implementation frameworks exists on the Active Implementation Hub.



Available Lessons and Resources

Lessons are short, interactive web presentations designed to help you and your team get started and get better with Active Implementation. They focus on specific implementation tools and practices and can be viewed online for self-paced learning or used for professional development in a team setting. 


Supporting Resources

Developing and Using Terms of Reference to Support Implementation Teams
(running time: 8 min., 29 sec.)

This online lesson describes the key functions of a Terms of Reference (ToR), and how ToR can be utilized as a tool and a process to support Implementation activities. After this lesson you should be able to apply the key components of a ToR to your Implementation Team, and create a ToR for your Implementation Team.

Stages of Implementation: Where Are We?
(running time: 15 min., 3 sec.)

This online lesson describes the key functions of the Stages of Implementation tool and high level activities related to the stages of implementation.  After the lesson, you should be able to use the tool to evaluate your stage-based work and create a stage-based action plan using data gathered from the tool.

Practice Profile Tool: Planning for Implementation
(running time: 21 min., 21 sec.)

This online lesson describes the purpose and key functions of completing the Practice Profile tool and activities.  After the lesson, you should be able to use Practice Profile tool with your Implementation Team and build an implementation plan to put the Implementation Drivers in place.

The PDSA Cycle: Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle for
Rapid Cycle Problem Solving

(running time: 9 min., 2 sec.)

This online lesson describes the key components in each PDSA Cycle phase and identifies why and when PDSA Cycles are used for rapid cycle problem solving in active implementation.  After the lesson, you should be able to apply a PDSA Cycle to engage in rapid cycle problem solving as a Team.


This area was grant funded by the Government of Alberta and produced in collaboration with Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Alberta Health Service, Canada. The Active Implementation Hub, AI Modules and AI Lessons are an initiative of the State Implementation & Scaling-up of Evidence-based Practices Center (SISEP) and The National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) located at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s FPG Child Development Institute.