Function 3: Create Hospitable Environments

Formula For Success

An “enabling context” is part of implementation’s “formula of success”.  Implementation Teams actively create hospitable environments to ensure that an enabling context exists to support new ways of work. Any given Implementation Team has areas that are under their control; areas that they can improve to create a more hospitable environment (e.g. scheduling, resources, curriculum choices, professional development resource allocation).  Other areas are beyond their sphere of influence. Still, they need to be addressed.  This means the Implementation Team needs to systematically and transparently communicate with other teams who can positively influence the policy, regulatory, and funding environments at their level. 

How do Implementation Teams create a hospitable environment? Not only does the team collectively have the knowledge, skills and abilities — they have the authority and time to address barriers and to identify and refer issues they cannot resolve to teams who can. 

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 Video Vignette: What Research Says About Readiness

An interview with Melissa Van Dyke about creating readiness for change.


Activity 3.2
Engaging Community and Building Hospitable Environments

Reflect on your current organization.  How does your team engage the community?  How would you describe your system, organization or team environment?  Use one of two planning tools to assess your environment, and then consider plans for potential improvement.

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