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Building, District and Regional Implementation Teams in an Educational System

Each team is a part of the implementation infrastructure to support staff competence, organization supports and facilitate leadership at and below their respective level. Likewise, they have dedicated personnel FTE to engage in best practice implementation work.

Building Implementation Teams

The focus of the Building Implementation Team is helping teachers and staff in the school use effective innovations with fidelity to achieve intended outcomes.  Building Implementation Teams are essential to support teachers and staff as they attempt to use effective innovations in their daily interactions with students.  Students will benefit (or not) depending on the quality of those interactions.  Innovative practices are, by definition, new and different from typical education practices.  Teachers and staff should not be expected to somehow “just do it.”  They deserve the support of a Building Implementation Team (BIT). 

District Implementation Teams

Building Implementation Teams do not just appear in sufficient numbers to make a difference in an entire state education system.  These school-based Building Implementation Teams are developed and supported by District Implementation Teams (DIT).  Effective use of innovations requires changes in district supports for schools.  The focus of a District Implementation Team is to develop an effective Building Implementation Team (BIT) in each building in the district.  Using the Active Implementation Frameworks as a guide, District Implementation Teams (DIT) help form building-based teams, support the development of team competencies, help principals and staff adjust school administrative practices to align with teachers’ use of effective innovations, and help assure leadership engagement with and support for effective innovations and Implementation Team functions.

Regional Implementation Teams

Like teachers and schools, districts also need support for the development of Implementation Teams.  The purpose of a Regional Implementation Team (RIT) is to develop an effective District Implementation Team in each district in its region.  In turn, Regional Implementation Teams are formed, developed, and supported by a State-based Implementation Team.