One final note on Implementation Stages: sustainability planning and activities need to be an active component of every stage and attention to both financial and programmatic sustainability are required.

Financial sustainability involves ensuring that the funding streams for delivering the new practice are established, adequate and sustainable.  This means funding for teacher, staff, and administrative time. 

Programmatic sustainability involves ensuring that the implementation infrastructure is established, reliable, effective, and sustainable.   The infrastructure needed to ensure continued quality implementation includes plans and activities for:

  • Continuing to provide timely and effective training, coaching and fidelity measurement processes making data-driven decisions for continuous improvement and problem-solving
  • Ensuring that policies and procedures continue to support and facilitate full implementation

Activity 1.2
Getting started with Implementation Stages

How do you start engaging in stage-based implementation activities? Review the Module 1 material on Implementation Stages then consider these questions.  We encourage you to discuss these with your team and/or to write down your responses.

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