SISEP District Entry Resources

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What are the District Entry Resources?

The District Entry Resources page is a collection of tools and resources for State and/or Regional Implementation Teams to utilize when planning and beginning work with selected districts within the Transformation Zone.



  1. SISEP Handouts

    1. How Can SISEP Add Value To Your System

    2. Handout 01: Active Implementation Frameworks

    3. State Transformation Specialist Roles and Tasks

    4. Handout 05: Regional Implementation Team

    5. Handout 06: District Implementation Team

    6. Handout 07: Building Implementation Team

  2. Partnership Agreement Examples

    1. NC Partnership Agreement

    2. MN Partnership Agreement (2)

      1. St Cloud Give and Get Table

      2. Osseo Give and Get Table

  3. Tools

    1. District Entry Checklist

    2. District Initiative Inventory

  4. Initial District Meeting Facilitation Guide Examples

    1. MiBSLi: LEA Cabinet Level Meeting Notes

    2. NC Initial Meeting Questions

    3. Sample District Leadership Meeting Agenda

    4. Roles of District Leadership Member Activity

  5. State District Entry Examples

    1. MN District Entry Kit

      1. District Implementation Calendar

      2. Osseo Give and Get Table

      3. St Cloud District Meeting Prep

      4. St Could Give and Get Table

      5. St Cloud Engagement

    2. NC District Entry Kit

      1. DIT Learning Plan

      2. Initial Meeting Questions

      3. Partnership Agreement

      4. Start-up Checklist

      5. What We Offer

  6. Implementation Science Resources

    1. SISEP Brief: Scaling-up EBPs in Education

    2. Statewide Implementation Of EBPs