Module 3: Teams

Activity 3.5 (Teams): Module 3 Capstone: Creating an Implementation Team

This activity encourages you to identify potential Implementation Team members and responsibilities of team types, as well as consider team support strategies.

Activity 3.4 (Teams): Terms of Reference Examples and Mock-Up

Implementation Teams use Terms of References (ToR) to provide clarity about the work of the team, help the team stay ‘on mission’ and orient new members. Use this activity with your team to organize and articulate a ToR.

Activity 3.3 (Teams): Create a Mock Implementation Team

You have decided to explore the potential of having an Implementation Team in your building, district, region or state. Looking across your organization, is there an existing team that could be repurposed? Or, do you need to start fresh?

Activity 3.2 (Teams): Engaging Community and Building Hospitable Environments

Reflect on your current organization. How would you describe your system, organization or team environment? Use one of the planning tools to assess your environment, then consider plans for potential improvement.

Activity 3.1 (Teams): EBP Drive Around

Jot down different EBPs/EIIs that you have experienced, participated in or led and pick one of those initiatives that has been in place the longest. Then, “drive around” the Implementation Drivers diagram and reflect on the questions provided.
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