Module 2: Drivers

Activity 2.4b (Drivers): Locus of Responsibility

To what degree do you have control and responsibility over Implementation Driver resources, personnel, or processes? This activity will help you quickly assess locus of responsibility in your system.

Activity 2.4a (Drivers): Mapping Feedback and Feed Forward Pathways

Integration of Implementation Drivers is a key facet of doing Active implementation. Using the Implementation Drivers diagram, map your current, then improved information/communication pathways between Drivers. Then name three ways to get there.

Activity 2.1b (Drivers): Reflection on Selection

Selection of staff, from an Active Implementation perspective is different from “selection as usual” in two important ways. Review the two distinctions, and then try to apply the two concepts in your setting or to your initiative.

Activity 2.1a (Drivers): Competency Driver Mapping and Action Planning

Map the levels of quality and effort being applied to Competency Drivers for a current program or innovation. This activity will help you with action planning as you zero in on Drivers that can benefit from more effort and/or attention.
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