Module 2: Drivers

Activity 2.0 (Drivers): SWIFT Unscripted Podcast - Implementation Drivers as the Engine for Change

SWIFT Unscripted invited Caryn Ward from NIRN to provide an insightful interview on Implementation Drivers and their role in school transformation.

Drivers Ed: Coaching

Coaching is regular, embedded professional development designed to help staff use a new program or practice. In this short lesson we’ll provide an overview of Coaching, and then give you an opportunity to apply the concepts presented.

Activity 2.1c (Drivers): Coaching For All

As you are working on building coaching in your team or organization, read the following article. Then, as an individual or with your team, respond to the questions.

Handout 28: Drivers Ed - Decision Support Data Systems

A Decision Support Data System (DSDS) is a system for identifying, collecting, and analyzing data that are useful to the staff and leadership of the implementing agencies. The data system needs to provide timely, accurate, and reliable data for decision-making.

Video Vignette 18: Implementation Drivers

In this clip, Dean Fixsen introduces the Implementation Drivers and talks about their importance in assuring fidelity and outcomes. (1 min. 53 sec.)

Drivers Ed: Fidelity

The Fidelity Driver is key to effective implementation. In this lesson you will learn how to inventory your system for existing fidelity data & begin using fidelity data as a system diagnostic tool.

Video Vignette 12: What Research Says About Readiness

An interview with Melissa Van Dyke about creating readiness for change.

Video Vignette 10: Implementation Drivers, Selection, and What Can I Do If Staff Are Already In Place?

Karen Blase from the National Implementation Science Network (NIRN) explains Implementation Drivers and what to do if you already have staff in place.

Handout 12: Implementation Drivers

Implementation Drivers are the key components of capacity that enable the success of innovations in practice. Implementation Drivers assure development of relevant competencies, necessary organization supports, and engaged leadership.

Activity 2.5b (Drivers): Module 2 Capstone: Implementation Drivers Elevator Speech

Using content from Module 2 and the Implementation Drivers diagram, try summarizing Implementation Drivers and their components in a few short sentences.
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