Usable Innovations – “WHAT” are we trying to do?

To provide education and leadership effectively, we have to know WHAT we are doing to be effective.  Then we can do that on purpose in each classroom and school to reach all students.

WHAT is it?

WHAT we are trying to do for instruction, school and district supports for instruction, and leadership are important.  When it works, we want to be able to do it again and again.  To improve student outcomes on a useful scale, WHAT we are trying to do needs to be teachable, learnable, doable, and assessable in typical education settings.  Usable Innovation criteria define WHAT we are trying to do.  Usable Innovations provide the content that is the focus of selection, training, coaching, and fidelity assessments.  Usable innovations provide the reasons for changing roles, functions, and structures in schools and districts to more efficiently, effectively, and persistently produce intended outcomes.