Topic 5: Terms of Reference (ToR)

A Process for Creating Alignment, Structure and Transparency 

When Implementation Teams and other stakeholders are clear about their purpose, membership, processes and ways of work from the outset, they are better able to avoid misunderstandings and engage in more focused work.

To protect, engage and guide the work of Implementation Teams, early on it is helpful to create Terms of Reference (ToR). ToR ensure the Team has the necessary:


Activity 3.4
Terms of Reference Examples and Mock-Up

Implementation Teams use Terms of References (ToR) to provide clarity about the work of the team, help the team stay ‘on mission’ and orient new members.  Use this activity with your team to organize and articulate a ToR.

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Implementation Team Functions in Education

To learn more about functions and membership across different Implementation Teams in education, see the 1-page descriptions below. Consider reviewing the description for the level you and your team support. Then, review a level above, and/or below.